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Plants vs. Zombies [MOD] V2.2.00 APK



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Обновить:Apr 3, 2018

Требуется Android:Android 2.3 and up

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Описание Plants vs. Zombies [MOD] V2.2.00

Plants vs. Zombies - the most popular arcade game for android, developed and released by PopCap Games for Windows and Mac OS X in 2009. The game went on sale on May 5, 2009 and on the same day became available on Steam. Also on February 14, 2010 was released a simplified version of the game for iPhone and iPod touch of all generations and later appeared on Android.

The player protects his house from a zombie attack by placing various plants on the lawn next to the house. For the cultivation of plants requires a certain amount of resource "sun", produced by special plant species, as well as falling from the sky in the daytime. Other plants are used to attack certain species of zombies, to slow the advance of the enemy and other targets. Types of zombies differ in the speed of movement, the ability to overcome various obstacles and protection against certain types of attacks. The action of the main game mode takes place in three locations: on the lawn in front of the house, in the backyard and on the roof of the house. The backyard is distinguished by the presence of a pool in which additional plant species can grow. The roof differs in slope, which does not allow the use of direct-firing plants on the roof slope. In addition, the action can occur day and night, as well as in the fog, which affects the set of available plants.

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